How To Create A Topiary On A Shoestring Budget with Michelle Mopkins

Topiary has been around even before the European times. It is amazing how this form of art is adopting the modern touch and rediscovering itself. This blog highlights more about the art of trees and flower shaping.

If you have been to a flower and garden festival before, topiary does not need an introduction for you. The amazing theme shrub displays in attractive topiaries is all that you witness at this setting. This technique is a practice of trimming and clipping the twigs and foliage of shrubs, trees, and sub-shrubs to create clean cuts and defined shapes out of it. It could be characters, some definite geometric shapes, or any fancy setting that gives out a specific shape to that tree. Without a doubt, this technique is not only amazing but totally magical.

Experts set up festivals to showcase their amazing work of this innovative art. In some countries, these are permanent settings and parks have been established as famous tourist spots. One name which promptly come-up in my mind, Michelle Mopkins is known for her innovative designs in beautiful flowers and landscape design. She is proficient in her field, with almost 30 years experience in this field. The garden or backyard is one of the most enjoyful areas for anyone who wants to sit back and relax. Michelle Mopkins flowers and landscape design can make your experience more relaxing with her beautiful landscape designs.

While topiaries give out an amazing view even if it’s a single piece, the full effect that we mostly get to experience in a festival or an established park is an experience on its own. It is the best combination of art and the beauty of nature amalgamated together. Any place that showcases topiaries is a dream for every photographer and a magical experience for anyone witnessing the beauty.


But topiaries are not only used in festivals and parks. They are an amazing style of decoration and can add value to any yard or patio. They are valuable for every garden and can instantly improve the look of any garden or patio with the clean cuts and designs they can be put into. The design does not always have to be a character or a fancy one. It can be as simple as a neat cut of a geometrical shape. Also, they are not always made out of flowers. Topiaries can be complete made out of a shrub or tree with the greens alone. The plants usually used to design topiaries are evergreen, quite woody, and have needles and leaves throughout the body. Hey have a columnar style of growing and therefore, appears to be highly compact and fastigiated. Some of the most common species that we see in yards and gardens include arborvitae, European box, privet, yew, and holly.

Topiaries can instantly add more greenery to any space. When more than one is adjusted in a setting, it is usually in a theme form – i.e.,the shaped trees or shrubs share a common shape, style, length, width, design, etc. Other than that topiaries have always graced the simple cottage gardens as well as the European elite standards of living alike. Traditional forms of pruning the trees and shrubs into shape was usually the geometric shapes such as pyramids, cubes, circles, cones, obelisks, or tapering spirals.

Today, the versatility of the method is indeed limitless. You will find beautiful flowers in different colors all put together by compact leaves in shapes and designs beyond your imagination. The setting is so beautiful that it can instantly add more personality to any place. Topiary is the perfect example of how man can train something as unruly as a tree into something so outstanding.

I believe if we value these things, we will soon be able to improve the landscaping in the city of Detroit in the most amazing way!


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